Nell Dark-Jones Celebrant

Celebrant - MC - Voiceover Artist - Community Ally....and then some!

Want to know more about Nell's celebrancy style and personality vibes? Good, cause we made a highlight list for your viewing pleasure.

Nell is:-

  • young(ish), vibrant, creative, professional (i.e. will wait until after your ceremony to steal your beers)
  • weirdly drawn to paperwork and wordy stuff
  • humour-driven, smiles for days, genuine, open-minded, warm, but probably won’t hug you #notahugger
  • an avid skull admirer, burger eater, beer consumer, cheese fiend and mad baker
  • full of personality, marches to the beat of her own drum, and has distinct personal style (hope you like black)
  • steadfastly refuses to rely on boring recycled wedding templates and voice scripts
  • kicks run-of-the-mill going-through-the-motions ceremonies to the curb
  • a prolific over-user of hyphens, brackets and bullet points

100% uniquely openly herself whilst 100% all about you - every ceremony Nell gets her blackhearted little hands on is tailored to each individual couple's personalities, needs and wants - whatever that looks, sounds and feels like - go your own way, all the way.