Jaimie Abbott Communications

With extensive experience in all kinds of media and public relations, Jaimie Abbott Communications are a one-stop-shop to promote your message to your current and potential customers.

You always want your company to look its best and you want your customers to continue to pour in. That means you need an excellent public relations consultancy ready to help you achieve just that. Jaimie Abbott Communications have extensive experience in handling all kinds of media including print, television, radio, image consultation, event management and social media. Their longstanding contacts in print, electronic and digital media are our strongest assets and rather than you paying for advertising, instead they can achieve FREE publicity for your business.

They take the time to learn about your business so we can help you achieve success through PR. By hiring their team you can just concentrate on your work and performance of your business. Jaimie Abbott Communications is also focused on setting up systems and teaching you and your staff so you can manage your own public relations – online, in the media, in public and with your customer base.