That's a Wrap on 2023!

Well I thought 2022 was the biggest year yet, but hey... 2023 you blew us out of the water, or nearly off the golf course - literally!

Who would have thought, that one day we would have a Divas on the Green golf event, without anyone actually having a hit of golf? I guess there's always a first time for everything.

So we started off in the sunshine, then endured what felt like Armageddon for a while and came out the other side, having one huge all day 80s party. I've never seen anything like it, and I think I actually cried at one point, it was just so beautiful.

Together we raised a massive $38,000.00 to split between both charities, bringing the grand fundraising tally for this single event over the past 13 years to $226,144.00.

There are always many to thank, and specifically for 2023, I'd like to acknowledge the following.

I'll begin with Margaret Godfrey and Mortgage Choice, thank you so much for sponsoring the marquee this year. Without it, we would have been in 'Dire Straits' (yeah I'll throw in the 80s references where I can!) with that freak hail storm... it certainly passed the ultimate weather test and for that I am eternally grateful.

I did think for a moment that we were going to have a Wizard of Oz experience, and I was almost ready to call on the chopper for emergency assistance, but thankfully it didn't come to that. Unfortunately I can't say the same for some of the sponsors' marquees that were out the back... may they forever rest in peace.


My fabulous Gold Sponsors. I am so sorry that you didn't get to have all that fun you had planned out on the green.. Mother Nature had other ideas. Anyway folks, THIS is how it was supposed to go... we can dream about it right? Maybe next year...

  • Seed People Consulting – Chip for the Champers! Take a shot for some bubbles!
  • The Commercial Collective – Karaoke! Release your inner Diva and sing your heart out!
  • Vegepod – Chip your ball into one of the 'pods' for a prize!
  • Lisa Macklin Property – Take a shot, for a ‘shot’! Hole in One - Vodka Lemon Drops, Fairway Fireball - Fireball & OJ or Caddy Crush - Gin & Cranberry!
  • The Sista Code – Mel will be on a special 'Bananarama' roaming assignment, filming a special Sista Code video featuring all you fabulous Divas!
  • The Kind Agent - Emily was unfortunately not able to attend in the end.


Thanks to my wonderful Silver Sponsors. Some of you return year after year and there are always new kids on the block, much gratitude to you all.

  • Cooks Hill Parkside Apartment
  • Beaute & Be
  • HIC Services
  • Women Embrace Adventure
  • The Kind Agent
  • The Disability Trust
  • Approved
  • SD Strategies
  • Charlestown Square (GPT Group)
  • Maxim Advisors
  • Rarekind


Thank you to my amazing In-Kind Sponsors. many of you have been on board for a lot of years, and I'm so grateful:

  • Timberlina, Abork & Foxxe Faux
  • Nell-Dark-Jones Celebrant
  • Margaret Godfrey
  • Engineroom Design Co
  • The Socialite Events
  • Lee Illfield Photography
  • AJM Photography
  • Myrtec
  • EAO Entertainment
  • Lyndall Talbot
  • Pearl Davies Photography
  • The IV Lounge
  • Cakes N Pieces

Our roving musician Emily thanks to EAO Entertainment turned up to get on the green at 1.00pm, but instead, she just flipped the ball game and partied inside with the rest of us, with her guitar! Go Emily!

A round of applause for the winner of the Biggest Diva award, Jandy McCandless in those fabulous rollerskates! I really don't know how she managed to stay upright, but she did (most of the time I believe). Thanks to Lyndall Talbot for donating that wonderful prize pack once again.

Our photographers Lee Illfield and Ed from AJM Photography ABSOLUTELY ROCK! How good are all the photos!! I'm just uploading Lee's to the Facebook page now so head on over to it here and check them out!

Thanks to Andrew from AJM Photography for sending out Ed for the day too, I know you had another job on. Thanks guys, you're a bunch of big hearted legends.

Thanks to the team at Engineroom Design for all your support with the marketing collateral again this year. You go above and beyond to help me with all that stuff and I cannot thank you enough. Your creativity doesn't end there though... you blow us all away evey year with your costumes and this year was no exception! Well deserved winners of the Best Dressed team with your Women's Weekly Cake Cookbook get up! Unbelievable.

Thanks to Myrtec for hosting the website and to Karen (who sent her twin sister Leanne) from the Socialite Events to supply our fabulous 80s decor!

To the boys from Poke Lane, thank you for that delicious spread. I know it was difficult to get more food back into the marquee at the height of that storm and a few Divas missed out on a feed, but it was out of everyone's control. I think they made up for it though with a few extra champagnes..

Thank you to the fabulous team at Scion for managing the stage, sound and lighting throughout the chaos... it was touch and go for a while as the water started to lap the edges of the marquee, but we made it. Thank you also for those gorgeous disco balls!

To each and every one of you, your contribution was very much appreciated.

I would also like to thank my guest speakers, the amazing Mary Gibson, what an absolute legend she is - thanks Simon for bringing her along to the day and thanks also to Sonja Duncan for sharing your rescue stories with us. Thanks also to Emily from the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation for enlightening the crowd on the services of the HBCF.

Further acknowledgement for the huge generosity of our auction winners for helping to raise a cool $15,500.00 in that little auction frenzy whipped up by Tegan O'Doherty! Thanks Tegan, love your work in that costume!

Shout out to Mel Histon, Tabitha Tworek, Anna Whelan, Lisa Macklin, Bec Wilkins, Rachelle McLennan, Elicia Grant for flashing the cash on those prizes!

Another $640.00 came in through the Candy Bar thanks to Anna and Jo for stepping at the last minute and selling all the goods and to the boys from Cakes N Pieces for all of the lollies and everyone who spent their hard earned cash at the stall!

Thanks also to my goodie bag packing helpers, Jan Bynon and her granddaughter Frankie, Brooke from Cooks Hill Parkside,  Margaret from Mortgage Choice, Kerrie-Anne from Carnelian Projects and Skye from Myrtec who took some time out of their day to help me get the stuff in all those bags!

I would also like to thank my Mum and Dad for coming each year and helping me get those bags out of the clubhouse and into the marquee on the morning of the event, taking registrations at the door and generally being my wing-people!  I'm a very lucky girl to have them.

Special thanks to my ever-present wing-Diva, Timberlina, for bringing along her fabulous energy (and now DJ skills!) and friends Abork and Foxxe Faux, and for providing such a wonderful vibe and entertainment. The day would not be the same without her. Love you!

Also thanks to MGC Manager Adam, Pro Shop Pete, Brian and all the bar staff at Merewether Golf Club for being ever so helpful and accommodating which is so important in making the day run smoothly, especially in wild weather circumstances.

Adam, a special shout out to you for running about in that weather, rescuing marquees and other things throughout the day. I know you went through three sets of clothes and narrowly escaped hypothermia. Your efforts did not go unnoticed. I really appreciate your support.

Finally, I'd like to give another big shout-out to all of the fantastic prize and product donators (listed below). The the monster raffle raised $5,255.00 and the prize pool and goodie bags wouldn't have been possible without you all!

• Fourth Wave Wine
• Vegepod
• Insight Wealth Planning
• Alison Wonderland Campervan (Mel Hudson)
• Maroba Aged Care
• Aaron Framed It
• Janina Bennett
• Kerri McCaw
• Kylie Gibson
• Newcastle Weekly
• Carla Swimwear
• AJM Photography
• Carnelian Projects
• Cozzie’s Swimwear & Lingerie
• Charlestown Square (GPT Group)
• Women Embrace Adventure
• Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation
• Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service
• Terry White Chemmart Warners Bay
• SingularityU Australia
• Beaute & Be

It's over for another year, but put this date in your diary Divas and we'll do it all again!

Friday 24th May 2024



Extreme Weather Event Specialist