That's a Wrap on 2022!

It's taken me a while to get to this email (for various reasons) and the reason at the top of that list is - EVERYTHING has picked up speed this year now that we are adjusting to the new normal... events included. This personal event is just one of seven (work and personal) I have to get through before December, so apologies for the tardiness. I'm all for stretching things out in the name of self preservation!

But I digress... let's talk about why I started this mammoth email in the first place. It's to thank every single person that's ever been involved in Divas on the Green, right from the very beginning, because without you all, it would not be where it is today. I thought 2021 had broken all the records but you've out-done yourselves people, 2022 was the biggest event yet.

Together we raised a massive $33,000.00 to split between both charities, bringing the grand total fundraising tally for this single event over the past 12 years to $188,000.00.

There are always many to thank, and specifically for 2022, I'd like to acknowledge the following.

I'll begin with the crew from Tread Softly, thank you so much for sponsoring that fabulous marquee. Without it, we would not have been able to have the classy event that it was again... sitting up there on the 9th green in all its magnificent glory and allowing 250 people (give or take a few due to the dreaded virus) to have a bloody good time - I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


My fabulous Gold Sponsors. To those of you who were able to get out on the green and provide some fun for everyone - you absolutely rocked it. Mel from the Sista Code was unfortunately stuck in iso on the day and Margaret was happy just to enjoy the day with her crew - HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

  • Laing & Simmons - Newcastle Central
  • The Sista Code
  • The Breathing Space Port Stephens
  • Tammy Guest
  • Cellarbrations Newcastle
  • Monica Clare Recruitment
  • Shaw Gidley
  • Margaret Godfrey - Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisor


Thanks to my wonderful Silver Sponsors, a couple of you - Brooke from Cooks Hill Parkside and Natasha from Beaute & Be weren't able to make it due to the spicy cough and other reasons. Such a challenging time!

  • SD Strategies
  • Cooks Hill Parkside
  • Beaute & Be
  • Skin Gym Australia
  • Commercial Collective
  • Love Parenting Newcastle
  • BuildCert


Thank you to my amazing In-Kind Sponsors:

  • Timberlina
  • Nell-Dark-Jones Celebrant
  • KM Promotions
  • Cakes N Pieces
  • Women Embrace Adventure
  • Engineroom Design Co
  • The Socialite Events
  • EAO Entertainment
  • Lee Illfield Photography
  • AJM Photography
  • Lyndall Talbot
  • Pearl Davies Photography

The 16th hole was rockin' like I've never ever seen it, with the Llama Collective (thanks to Nell), in-house DJ (thanks Richard), gin slushies (thanks Monica Clare) and Prosseco Pong (thanks Cellarbrations Newcastle)!

To balance out all that partying, we had the chill out zone back near the marquee with Kim from the Breathing Space with her sound healing, tarot cards and sage cleansing and Tammy with her giant games retreat, Shaw Gidley with their endless bottles of champagne and across on the practice tee was of course Emily from Laing & Simmons' photo booth!

Our roving musician Kazzie thanks to EAO Entertainment was absolutely fabulous again, finding her groove amongst the intermittent showers and rogue cart activity!

A round of applause for the winner of the Biggest Diva award, Teya Duncan! If you haven't seen her antics, check out the Facebook page, there's a cute little video.. thanks to Lyndall Talbot for donating that wonderful prize pack.

How good were the 'cheesbees' from the WEA gals back in the marquee after all the fun outside? Always a good thing to soak up some of that champagne with some cheese and biccies on a frisbee no less!

Our photographers Lee and Andrew ABSOLUTELY ROCK! How good are all the photos!! Thanks guys, you're a couple of big hearted legends. Poor Cleo couldn't make it this year with sick kiddies keeping her at home, but thank you so much for trying to get there.

Thanks to the team at Engineroom Design for all your support with the marketing collateral again this year, to Myrtec for hosting the website and to Karen from the Socialite Events for your lovely green theme! To the boys from Poke Lane for that delicious spread (can you come back next year!!?) and of course the fabulous team at Scion for managing the stage, sound, lighting and other bits and pieces that I generally need! 

To each and every one of you, your contribution was very much appreciated and I sincerely hope you were ALL rewarded with new business and relationships and an awesome time to boot.
Click on the logos below to find out more about all of these generous people!

I would also like to thank my guest speakers, Naomi Cowper, who bravely shared her breast cancer journey with us, Cath Adams, Supportive Care Coordinator with HBCF and Rob Fisher, Head of Flight Operations with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service. It's always great to spread the awareness of what both services do for others in our community.

Further acknowledgement for the huge generosity of our auction winners and behind the scenes donors for helping to raise a cool $5,155.00 in that little auction frenzy! Love your work Frances Crampton from Fourth Wave Wine/Tread Softly, Jan Bynon from HIC Services, Nell Dark Jones, Sonja Duncan from SD Strategies and Katrina Croquett from Women Embrace Adventure.

Another $920.00 came in through the Candy Bar thanks to the boys from Cakes N Pieces and everyone who bought their delicious goods!

Huge thanks to Kas from KM Promotions for the new look goodie bags this year! They looked terrific in the marquee. Thanks also to my goodie bag packing helpers, Danielle from Cellarbrations, Tabitha and Tegan from Insight Wealth Planning, Mel from Love Parenting Newcastle, Emily from Laing & Simmons, Margaret from Smartline and Skye from Myrtec who took some time out of their day to help me get the stuff in all those bags! 

I would also like to thank my Mum and Dad for helping me get those bags out of the clubhouse and into the marquee on the morning of the event, taking registrations at the door and generally being my wing-people!  Thanks to my lovely friend Grace McLean for being my 'door bitch' :-) and to Indeya and Hunter from Tread Softly and Glen Ramplin who assisted on that busy morning with setting up, and our new DJ on the 16th hole, Richard McGovern from the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

Special thanks to my ever-present wing-Diva, Timberlina, for bringing along her fabulous energy and friends, providing wonderful vibe and entertainment. Not sure I'd survive now without her auction skils either!

High five to Georgia and Ben who volunteered their time on behalf of the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation, manned the merch desk and managed all of the raffle and auciton sales! It's a huge job and one that I certainly can't manage on my own anymore! Your help was very much appreciated.

Also thanks to Adam, Pete, Brian, Alex and all the bar staff at Merewether Golf Club for being ever so helpful and accommodating which is so important in making the day run smoothly.

Finally, I'd like to give a big shout-out to all of the fantastic prize and product donators (listed below). The the monster raffle raised $5,500.00 and the prize pool and goodie bags wouldn't have been possible without you all!

If I have forgotten to mention or acknowledge anyone, I sincerely apologise. There's a lot to remember and I am but one person!

I've already earmarked next year's event, so lock this date in your calendars now Divas, you know how quickly the tickets sell, so keep an eye on your inbox in early 2023... I'll create an event on Facebook too, so make sure you RSVP to that if you want to stay informed.

***FRIDAY 19TH MAY 2023***

If you're keen to be involved in next year's event and/or know someone who might like to be involved in any capacity (playing, sponsoring, prize donations or generally helping out), I would love to hear from all of you!

Don't forget to check Instagram and the Divas Facebook page, there are plenty of fabulous photos uploaded. Feel free to download, tag or share any favourites. If you're able to, crediting our wonderful photographers when you share would be lovely. They worked so hard to capture these beautiful memories for us all.

Until next time...