That's a Wrap for 2018!

Well, year eight is now done and dusted and yet again we were blessed with no rain... maybe a little wind, but that didn't seem to stop anyone having a good time!

I know I keep saying this, but I think this year was the best yet for fancy dress... what an absolute blast it was to be immersed in that sea of colour and excitement! There may be a bit of work involved in getting this day together each year, but seeing all of THAT is the ultimate reward. Thank you everyone for making such a fabulous effort!

If you weren't lucky enough to be there in person this year, you missed an awesome day! I would however like to personally thank each and every one of you who were involved, for your generosity which always makes the day a huge success. Whether you were playing on the day, purchasing raffle tickets and bags of lollies from the Candy Bar, downing glasses of champagne, donating your time and/or prizes, I thank you all so very much!

As usual, there are lots of individual acknowledgements to get through, so here goes...

First, to my wonderful GOLD Sponsors; Jirsch SutherlandPhoenix Health FundThe SistaCode and Tillys Play & Development Centre. Your contribution was very much appreciated and although some of you chose not to get out and actually man a hole this year, I sincerely hope you were ALL rewarded with new business and relationships. 

Thank you to my fantastic SILVER Sponsors; Hunter Allied CareRoberts LegalPuro Peopleitalk TravelMaroba Aged CareViv Gambrill - ANZ Mobile LendingFox Stevens ConveyancingThe Hub Advisory Group. A huge high five to you all!

I would like to acknowledge Engineroom Design and Myrtec who have been exceptionally generous in donating their time and resources every single year. The team at Engineroom Design are responsible for the Divas logo, all the design work involved with these electronic mail outs, name tags and promotional material. I can’t thank them enough for all their help, they’re a fantastic team! Myrtec kindly donated their time in 2014 to create the Divas website and they continue to host it on an ongoing basis! If you haven’t checked it out, take a look here.

Thanks so much to my gorgeous soul sister, Kim Oakhill for sharing her Helpful Love story with us. A truly inspirational woman with the biggest heart I know. Her secretly planned rendtion of "All You Need is Love", certainly took me by surprise! Might have to practice on that kazoo before I take that anywhere in public again!

Special thanks to this year's 'cart tarts', my Mum and Dad, Dennis and Diana Richards and PJ and his Dad Brian for attending to those out on the course. This year was a little different in terms of drinks out there, but I think it's safe to say, nobody was thirsty for too long? It's a tough job to get around to everyone from one end of the course to the other, I appreciate your efforts immensley. PJ and his ukelele were again a hit with the Divas, especially for those hanging out on the 9th hole... I think you might be a permanent fixture in the Divas calendar now mate.

A big bubbly thanks to the team at EAO Entertainment for sponsoring the lovely champagne which came from Tamburlaine Organic Wines. Thanks to Lou at the team at Tamburlaine for giving us a great deal. Where would we be without those bubbles!

Huge thanks to Timberlina for pimping up the 16th hole!! Oh my goodness what a hoot that was... So much dancing and fun was going on down there, it was hard to stay away! Judging the most Delectable Diva for their strutting, diva-licious style, was definitely a tough gig for her, and congratulations to Top Gunner Anne Grivas who came away with the prize this year. Thanks to Lyndall Talbot of Ltdconsult for donating the trophy and fabulous prize pack for this inaugural award... watch out next year Divas, Timberlina already has plans!

Thanks again to Lizzie Senior, Fundraising Coordinator from the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation for filling everyone in on the important work of the Foundation and for manning the merch stand. She took $300.00 in merch sales on the day, so thank you everyone for supporting the HBCF.

Special thanks to Margaret Godfrey of Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers for purchasing all the lollies for the Candy Bar and donating the entire sales of the day (around $440 worth!). Thank you Margaret for standing at the stall for a few hours while everyone filled their bags, I really do appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Who would have thought David Beckham would have attracted so much attention?! Thanks to the team at Engineroom Design for donating him to auction. He was won by Sharon Waterhouse and Bonnie Humphries of Phoenix Health Fund for a cool $1,600.00! Thank you so much ladies!! Johnny Depp was also put up for auction again and although he's looking a little worse for wear this year, one of the Fox Stevens Conveyancing teams couldn't bear to part with him and handed over another $250.00 to keep him! Although he did get left behind at the clubhouse and ended up hitching a ride with the Wiggles... I believe he's still waiting to be reunited with his 'purchaser'!

Special mention to Kylie Farrugia from Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service for being my WRHS support person again this year leading up to the event. WRHS generously provided their visitors' room for me to pack the bags, they kindly supplied a driver (thanks Chad!) to take them all to the club for me, they donated a box of Bill Byron wine to auction which incidentally Anna Roberts and the team from Roberts Legal purchased for cool $500.00! Thanks Anna!

Huge thanks to my goodie bag packing helpers, Jade Pearsall, Emily Rees, Lyndall Talbot, Kristy Lawrence, Nell Dark-Jones, Kylie Farrugia and Lisa Robinson who took some time out of their day to help me get the stuff in all those bags! All done in an hour which has to be a record!

I would also like to thank Mum and Dad for taking registrations at the door and handing out goodie bags (tough gig that one!), Julienne Constable and Jade Pearsall for doing a fantastic job selling raffle tickets and also Michelle, Charlotte, Brian and all the staff at Merewether Golf Club for being ever so helpful and accommodating which is so important in making the day run smoothly.

A special mention to two wonderful women who sponsored in kind on the day. Cleo Pedemonte from Cleo Pedemonte Portraits and Karen Bright from The Socialite Events. A lot of hard work was expended on their part and the day just would not have been the same without their creative input. I am truly grateful for your contribution. Divas make sure you check out their Facebook pages!

Well we managed to crack the $100,000.00 mark for collective funds raised for both charities over the past eight years! Net profit for the day has come out at $16,600.00 with a tidy $8,300.00 going to each charity. Not a bad effort for a lot of frivolity on the green!

As I keep saying year after year, Divas on the Green isn't about making truckloads of money. I'm a one man band and it's basically become a personal hobby. I am a but a mere human and do happen to make a few mistakes here and there, so forgive me... but the outcome is what is most important. Valuable funds going to two very important charities in our community and an environment where everyone gets to relax and have a bit of fun. 

It's also about the connections, the relationships, the continued affordability for small businesses to be able to make a difference, gain some exposure and have an enjoyable day out. For me it's always been about keeping it simple and that's exactly what I will continue to do. For how long? Who knows... the ten year anniversary is coming up in 2020, I'll see how I feel after that!

The date has been set for next year - 10th May 2019, so lock that in your diaries! There's an event already up on the Facebook page here so head on over and click 'going' to stay updated. You're all currently on the invitation list, so if you have some friends who would like to be involved, send them over to the website to sign up for the mailing list.

Feel free to unsubscribe if it's not your thing (see the link at the bottom of this email). However, if you ARE keen AND you know someone who might like to be involved in any capacity (playing, sponsoring, prize donations or generally helping out), send them my way!

Don't forget to check Instagram and the Divas Facebook page, there are plenty of fabulous photos uploaded. Feel free to download, tag or share any favourites. 

Finally, I'd like to give a huge shout-out to all of the fantastic prize and product donators (listed below). The monster raffle, prize pool and goodie bags wouldn't have been possible without you all!