2021 Supporters

Thank you to our wonderful Gold, Silver and In-Kind Sponsors and prize contributors for 2021!

In Kind Sponsors

These are our In Kind Sponsors.

Maree is a professional Canine Photographer, ensuring the dogs of Newcastle and beyond put their best paw forward in her professional studio exclusively for dogs! She's spent over 10 years in the photographic industry having managed and owned 3 full time studio's and photographed some of Australia's richest business men, numerous celebrities, bands and pin up stars, but her true photographic passion comes with four legs and a tail. As an activist for animal rescue, she's personally fostered and re homed over 20 dogs and played a hand in saving many more. In 2018 she launched a treat range for fussy dogs called “Tail & Co.” which is popping up in Grooming Salons all over Australia.

At McKiernan Real Estate we uphold strong family values and we are passionate about helping people achieve their property goals with buying and selling real estate.

With rich market knowledge, three decades of experience and a proven track record of success we would love to help you make the next move.

Celebrant - MC - Voiceover Artist - Community Ally....and then some!

Want to know more about Nell's celebrancy style and personality vibes? Good, cause we made a highlight list for your viewing pleasure.

Nell is:-

  • young(ish), vibrant, creative, professional (i.e. will wait until after your ceremony to steal your beers)
  • weirdly drawn to paperwork and wordy stuff
  • humour-driven, smiles for days, genuine, open-minded, warm, but probably won’t hug you #notahugger
  • an avid skull admirer, burger eater, beer consumer, cheese fiend and mad baker
  • full of personality, marches to the beat of her own drum, and has distinct personal style (hope you like black)
  • steadfastly refuses to rely on boring recycled wedding templates and voice scripts
  • kicks run-of-the-mill going-through-the-motions ceremonies to the curb
  • a prolific over-user of hyphens, brackets and bullet points

100% uniquely openly herself whilst 100% all about you - every ceremony Nell gets her blackhearted little hands on is tailored to each individual couple's personalities, needs and wants - whatever that looks, sounds and feels like - go your own way, all the way.